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Friday, May 1, 2009

Giving To Charity

Giving To Charity

Now on a few of my posts, I mention giving to charities. Some may say this is not frugal, but I think it is, let me explain. You see most financial planners will tell you to give to charity because it just seems to help out the bottom line, they often say they're not sure how it works, but that it does. Well, I know it works from personal experience and I'll see if I can explain the reasons why.

First, I've noticed that those who do give wind up paying more attention or better manage there resources. Second, there's an old saying that says "you receive through the whole you give", meaning if you give through a little tiny whole, that's how you'll receive, but if you give through a large whole that's how you'll receive.

I often describe it as the "Box of Chocolates" theory. Where I have six children and if I had a box of chocolates and I knew if a gave it to one of my children they would keep it all to themselves, but if I gave it to another child they would share it with all the rest, who would you give it to? Everyone always answer that question the same... the one that would share.

I believe life is no different, God blesses those who share the chocolates. So give it a test and see what happens.

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