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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back - to - School

I know that the middle of July seems like an odd time to be thinking about back-to-school but the back-to-school sales are on!

We'll have 5 kids in school this year so I know how the cost of supplies can really add up. Here are a few tips I've learned to save big.

If you didn't get a supply list at the end of the year get one now. Stores usually have copies of these next to the school supplies. You can also check your school districts web site.

Now go through what you already have. At the end of the school year my kids always brought home supplies they hadn't used up. I tucked them away and will go to them first when checking my supply list. Not spending money is the best way to save.

Next, check store circulars for the best sales each week. I realize that there are 8 weeks left and sometimes you just want to get it all done and not have to worry about it anymore but patience really does pay off. Getting a little here and a little there can be more cost effective. To save yourself from running around check to see if your favorite store will match competitors ads. You'll have to get the exact item and have the circular with you. If you don't get the paper check online or go to the library and look at the paper there.

Staples usually has some really good sales. Thanks to Crystal at http://www.frugalchicliving.blogspot.com/ for letting me know about the 1c sale going on now through Wednesday.

Stock up on supplies that the kids will use a lot of like filler paper. It's cheaper to spend 10c now rather than 90c later. I have also stocked up on items that I use at home like spiral notebooks. Last year I found them on sale for 5c each and bought a case. I think I still have some to use this year. I also buy a lot of crayons. I can usually find them for 20c a pack. They make great birthday gifts with a coloring book from the dollar store.

Don't forget the thrift store. I know it seems like an odd place to get supplies but I can usually find a good 3 ring binder and backpack here. The key thing to look for is quality. If it's already starting to break don't buy it.

So here are some of the deals I have found in this weeks ads. If you know of any I've missed please let me know and I'll pass it on.

500 sheet copy paper - 1c after easy rebate
8 pack #2 pencils - 1c ea, limit 2
6 pack Sharpie highlighters - $1
3 pack pink erasers - $1
4gb usb flash drive - $11.99

12 ct Rose art colored pencils - 50c
8ct Rose art washable markers - 50c
vinyl pencil pouch - 50c
10 ct bic Cristal ballpoint pens - 50c

Hopefully these tips will help make your back-to-school shopping a little easier on your wallet and get your kids off to a great start.

Live less, live more.

** Update** Check out Saving Cents with Sense at http://www.savingcentswithsense.net/2009/07/back-to-school-deals/ . Melissa has teamed up with other bloggers to bring you the latest back to school deals at many of the major stores. They will be updating as deals are available.

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