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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Dinner for under $5 - Deli Sandwiches

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Family Dinner for under $5 - Deli Sandwiches

As I started making dinner the temperature outside was 94 degrees! Who wants to cook in that heat? Luckily for this weeks Family Dinner under $5 I figured out a way to make a nutritious dinner without the heat.

I was at the store when I saw deli ham on sale and decided that would be a great dinner that wouldn't require me to use the stove. How to keep it under $5 was a bit more of a challenge. Instead of the traditional french bread that I used to buy I found french rolls on clearance. Even with these two items being discounted my total was creaping up, so I headed out to the garden to finish up the meal!

Ham Sandwiches - $4.74
Vegetable platter - free from the garden
Total - $4.74

Ham Sandwiches
1 1/2 lb Deli Ham - $1.68 lb = $2.59
2 doz. French Rolls - .98c ea minus 50c off each pkg = .96c/2 pkg
1/2 lb cheddar cheese, sliced - $4.78/2lb loaf = $1.19

This made 2 dozen mini sandwiches which was plenty for my size family.

I realize not everyone has a garden that they can run to to finish out a meal. A couple of weeks back Fred Meyer had canned vegetables on sale for 25c a can. That's a stock up price! I would have used 2 cans which would put me just over the $5 mark.

The french bread I usually buy was $1.28 ea. I would have had to buy 2 loaves and would have been way over my $5 mark.

I'm glad I looked around the bakery dept. to see if they had any discounted breads. When I buy bread I'll usually look for the discounted ones first. You'll be amazed at what you can find. Check early in the morning for the best selection or ask the bakery manager when they put out the day olds. By thinking outside the box a little I was able to save my family some money, and the little sandwiches were cute too.

Live less, live more ...... and stay cool!

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  1. You can feed your family very well if you watch those weekly sales. The sandwiches sound like a real treat. Thanks for your contribution to The Work at Home Family Carnival.