"A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Frugal Business

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned”
First, we don’t know how to do math today… People will often spend money to save money (which is a paradox) or spend money to make money. We seem to forget that every penny spent has to be earned back. If you spend $1000 to save $500, you’re in the hole for $500.
Heck, look at our own government, we’re being told on every side that we need to spend to earn. Advertisers would make you think that buying a newer car for example, to save on gas mileage is a good idea, but the extra $10k or $20K spent just to save an additional 5/miles per gallon, isn’t justified even if you save $20 dollars on every fill-up.
Let’s say you fill-up once a week and you save $20 dollars for each fill-up, you would need to own the car for 20 years before you ever broke even and I don’t know to many people nowadays who keep the same car for 20 years.
This is definitely not a good way to run a business or make money.
Only spend what you have, if you don’t have it, don’t spend it. That’s just a good rule for life.
Now, when it comes to being frugal in business or for that matter in anything, Free is about as frugal as you can get. If you don’t spend anything, every penny you make is pure profit.
That’s why Renee and I decided to share this with you. I’m mean what could be better than a Frugal Business!
You see, awhile back I had one of those “Ah ha” moments and realized that I could create a money making website totally free without having to spend a dime (that‘s free hosting and everything). Well, it took me awhile to put all the parts together and then test it. I’m now personally up to 20 websites (their free) and it works great, so being a teacher by trade, I decided to write an ebook on it and show other people how.
Check out my newest website and ebook, go to www.FreeOnlineBusiness.org

Live less Live more,

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