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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Frugal Valentines Day

Of all the holidays we celebrate there is one that I'm starting to not like. Valentines Day. It's not that I don't like this holiday, I just don't like the fact that it seems to be less about love and more about commercialism.

For starters why do things like flowers suddenly have to double in price just because people want to express their feelings for one another? And why do I have to send a valentine to my second cousins?  I thought Valentines Day was for lovers.

Well, I am not without a solution. First of all, I used to tell my husband not to buy me flowers on Valentines Day. I have since changed that because I love fresh flowers and I discovered that Costco has beautiful boquets for a reasonable price that is constant pretty much the whole year through. I also just saw in the Wal-Mart circular that a dozen roses are only $15. Not too bad.

Second are the paper Valentine cards the kids exchange at school. I put a dollar limit on these. And  I do mean $1. I refuse to pay $4 a box (x 2) for something kids are going to open, look at, then throw away. My favorite place to find these little cards is at the thrift stores. They often have popular themed cards for 25c - 75 c a box. Another good time to buy them is the day after Valentines when everything is 50% off and save them for next year.

An even better idea is to have the kids and you for that matter, make your own Valentine cards. There are lots of great sites out there with cute ideas like AllFreeCrafts.com. I especially like the post Valentines Day on a Dime found here. They have lots of cute ideas that I've done myself.

This year I've decided to do some collage cards. I love these! I go through Walgreens Photo and it only cost me 31c for a super cute 4x6 collage photo that I'm using as a card.

Remember, the best gifts really are the ones from the heart.

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