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Friday, March 19, 2010

Family Meals Under $5 - Fried Chicken

I was in Spokane the other day and stopped by my favorite Winco store. We don't have a Winco close by so when I'm in town I try to make my trips count. Besides having a great bulk food section I can usually find a good deal on something my family uses. Well this time they didn't dissapoint. I found a jumbo pack (do we buy anything else?) of drumsticks for 59c/lb. When I saw the total of $2.77 I knew I had a $5 dinner.
The best thing is that we didn't eat the whole thing so I had a very nice lunch the net day.

Oven Fried Chicken - $3.10
Mashed potatoes - $0.40
Tossed green salad - $0.84

Total - $4.34

Oven Fried Chicken
Jumbo pack of drumsticks - $2.77
1 c milk - .11
2 eggs, beaten - .22
1 c breadcrumbs - free (I save the ends of the bread that y kids wont eat and grind them up into crumbs)
seasonings - use what you like and add to breadcrumbs. I used Johnnys seasoning salt and onion powder.

Wash and pat dry chicken. Dip in milk, then egg. Roll in breadcrumbs to coat. Place in greased 13 x 9 baking dish. Bake at @375 for 45-55 min or till done.

Mashed Potatoes
8 Yukon Gold potatoes.  - .40c (I got a 15lb bag on sale a couple of weeks ago for $1.98 - Super deal!)     I use 1 potato per person. Wash and dice. I don't peel because a lot of the nutrients are in the peel. Put in large pot and cover with water. Boil till tender. Drain and mash. Add a little milk and butter to reach desired consistency. Season to taste.

Tossed green salad
Winco also has some good prices on produce. I got a packaged head of Romaine lettuce for $1.48. I use 1/2 head per meal and toss in whatever I happen to have in my fridge. This time I went with some alfalfa sprouts that I sprouted on my own. They cost me about .10c.

Keep your eyes peeled for meat that is marked down. I bought this on the 10th and the use buy date was the 12th. I just came home and popped the whole jumbo pack in the freezer. You can usually save about 50% which is a huge savings.

Live less, live more

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  1. Oh, don't you just love it when a REALLY yummy meal is cheap?! This is one meal my entire family will eat, no complaints! That's always bonus.

  2. Hello again!

    I didn't realize you guys were E. WA based, I thought you were on the west side from looking at your survival/camping blogs. Leave a note the next time you plan on coming into Spokane, maybe we can have coffee together :)