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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Day 2

How'd you do yesterday? Were you able to get rid of anything you didn't need? I took one box to St. Vinny's, should've taken more, but I did tell the ARC they could come next week. Now I have a few days to collect more "stuff" for them. My friend Julie told me that when they call you should always tell them to come by even if you don't have anything. They give you a week and in that time you'll feel pressured to have something for them because you know they're coming so you'll have to go through your "stuff" and get rid of something. Give it a try, just make sure you actually do have something for them.

Today we'll focus on the next part of the slogan, Reuse. When I talk about reusing something I'm talking about using it over and over again. Who says you have to use something just once then throw it away.
There are so many things you can reuse. I always wash and rinse out my ziploc bags and use them over and over. You can also do this with aluminum foil. We save our ice cream pails (yes we need a pail) and use them for cleaning, in the garden, painting projects, etc. I also use them when taking dinner to someone. That way the recipient doesn't have to worry about returning my dish.

If your reusing something that means your not buying something, which is saving you money.

One of the biggest ways I reuse things is my childrens clothing. To be honest I don't buy a lot of clothes, especially for my little ones. When someone outgrows something and there is still some life left in it I just box it up and wait for the next one to grow into it. I label the boxes with the size and gender so it's easy to find. If I don't have anyone in my family to save it for I'll pass it on to a friend. I have to say I am so grateful for my friends sharing their childrens clothing with me. And I have some friends with excellent taste so I always get super cute things. The little ones are so excited when someone drops off a bag of clothes. They are equally excited when they get to share their clothes with others.

How do you reuse? I'd love to learn from your experience so please share.

Live less, live more

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