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Monday, April 19, 2010

Save Water Challenge

My kindergartener came home with a "Save Water" challenge from one of the local girl scout troops. They asked us to have one of our family members brush their teeth with the water running for the reccomended 2 minutes. We were to collect the water and measure how much was used. WOW!  It was really amazing to see how much water was wasted. I even had the water on low, not full force like the kids do. When we did the math to see how much our entire family would use each day it came to 20 gallons. That's a lot of water just going down the drain just from brushing your teeth.

We live over an aquifer so I think we tend to take water for granted and assume it'll always be there. I know, not very frugal. There are so many simple ways to save on water too.

Well, we have taken the challenge and from here on out will be brushing our teeth without the water running.

Thanks troop 3008 for reminding us to "Save Water"

Live less, live more

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