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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What I look for at Garage Sales

One of the simple pleasures I have in my life is the fun I have garage saleing. Sounds crazy maybe, but then again if you live a frugal lifestyle, you know just what I mean. This past weekend I found a huge roll of vinyl flooring which I need for a bathroom for $10! The next day I found a tub of flooring glue for 50c. Imagine that, a new bathroom floor (and maybe even the laundry room) for $10.50!

There are a few things I always look for at garage sales so I thought I'd share my list.

Toys - you'll notice I have 6 children and toys are expensive.
Games - same as above
Yard tools
Children's/Baby clothes - kids are tough on clothes and outgrow them quickly so why pay full price?
Puzzles - I look for the unopened ones.
Kitchen items
Small appliances - plug it in and make sure it works
Home decor - some people have really good taste
Craft items
Sports equipment

Another thing I do is watch for something I need (like the flooring). If I'm patient I can usually find what I'm looking for and at a great price.

What do you look for at garage sales? Do you have any great finds?

Live less, live more

Garage saleing works for me so I'm sharing this over at Works for me Wednesday. Go on over and check it out.

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  1. I recently found a leather coin thimble that normally sells for $16 for $1.99! Woohoo.