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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pricematching 101

Groceries are probably one of the biggest expenses in your household. Saving money here can be a big help. I thought I'd share what I do to save money at the supermarket.
There was a time when I used to run from store to store in order to get the best deals at each location. I thought I was saving money. Of course I did not account for all of the extra gas I was using up and the extra time it was costing me. Then stores began to honor other stores advertised specials. No more running from place to place. Yeah.

Here is how I do it.

First, find out your stores price matching policy. They can vary greatly so you will want to know the details before you shop. Some stores that I have price matched at are Albertsons, Fred Meyer and my favorite, Wal-Mart (they should pay me for this).

Next go through the weekly grocery ads and write down what items you like, what store they're from and their advertised price. Take your list to your store and go shopping.
When you get to the checkout counter separate your price match items from your other groceries, this makes it a lot easier. When you get to this section tell the cashier the sale price of the item and the store that it is on sale at. I usually tell the cashier that I have items to price match before I even start to checkout. Watch closely, because you will need to tell the cashier the price for each individual item. I actually love this part. I get to tell the store what I'm willing to pay for the products they are selling.

Make sure you are nice to your cashier. They may question you and that's ok, they're just doing their job. If they are unsure about something they will usually ask a supervisor or you can ask them to ask a supervisor. One thing they won't do is double matching. For example, I wanted to get some Dryer's ice cream that was on sale at one store for $2.50 ea, and another store had it on sale for buy one get one free. They wouldn't let me get 2 ice creams for $2.50. I had to choose which deal I wanted. (I went with the BOGO since my stores price was $3.50).

That's about it. I'd love to hear about some of the great deals you were able to price match.
What are some ways you save money on groceries?

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